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Are you looking for the best Blu-Ray, DVD or CD replication? Do you need DVD or CD duplication services? We offer all packaging options, fast turns and great quality. DVD-CD offers excellent quality, fast, on-time delivery and exceptional service.

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DVD-CD offers a variety of cost-effective services and packaging solutions ranging from a 50 copies up to hundreds of thousands of discs.  Additionally, we offer expert authoring services for DVDs and Blu-Ray.


Our DVD, Blu-Ray and CD replicated discs are printed with 5 color high resolution offset process or silk-screen printing.  The glass master, stamper and film are always free. 


Here at DVD-CD, we guarantee quality and satisfaction to our customers. And if you have a rush requirement, just give us a call.  We offer fast turn (as quick as 24 hours) on both duplication and replication.


We offer DVD, Blu-Ray and CD replication, as well as DVD and CD duplication services.  Your one stop shop, including complete authoring services.

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